Me and Charlie

老王加速器下载官网I am the happy wife to my best friend, Nathan, and mother of 7 beautiful children.  I am a Catholic Christian, attempting to live out God’s will in my life and to raise saints!  I am climbing the mountain...  slowly... 

Having homeschooled for fourteen years, my husband and I were the Principal, Superintendant, teachers and coaches at Our Lady of Grace Home School.  We began Home Schooling in 2006. 

Nathan is an amazing, loving and supportive man given to me from God.  We thank God for each of our seven children, ranging from twelve years old down to one year.  Our most recent miracle (老王最新版) was born in January, 2013.

This site is intended to share ideas that I have learned from the beautiful people God has placed in my life. It would be a shame to keep all these treasures for myself. If anything on this site helps you, God be praised, it is all from Him anyway!

  • Kristen's Blog - Along with my children's educational goals, I set some for myself.  One of them was to learn to blog.  This site / blog,  has been a blast, but comes after my family.  If I could, I would spend more time on it; that's just not my reality right now!   Thank you to Nate (my husband) for his help and is "tech support"!  :)

  • Raising Saints / Discipline - I have learned so much about parenting and some great tips on raising saints!  :)  I have shared some of the wisdom I have gained, including a "Family Rules" sheet and other pearls of wisdom. 

  • Vocation of Wife and Motherhood - Nate and I were married in March, 2000.  I love my life and thank God for it.  In the years of our marriage I have grown and learned so much about what it means to be the wife and Mother God asks me to be.  I have shared some of the wisdom I have gained.   

  • Mother's Rule of Life - A Mother's Rule of Life, based on the book by Holly Pierlot, has helped me to live my life according to my vocation, keeping God first and serving Him through my family.  It has helped me to create a schedule that keeps things in order leaving little out (assuming I follow the plan).  :)  I have attached my rule and chore plans for examples.

  • Meal Planning - What's for dinner?  To help me be more efficient, I have employed meal planning.  I have included my plan, which is scheduled out for 3 weeks.  

  • Thomas Jefferson Education - Leadership Education - An answered prayer, TJED is an approach in home schooling that resonated with me and has transformed our home school. We are all learning, growing, and having fun! I have added some ideas for teaching in the Phases of learning, including some educational and cool iPad games my children LOVE!

  • Running a Book Club - Part of TJED is reading the classics with our children.  I am running a book club for my two older boys, the "Our Lady of Grace - Youth Leadership Book Club"- YLBC.  We meet once monthly.  I have included an overview of the club along with other helpful information.

  • 老王最新版 -  I have included the book discussion notes and book list for the YLBC.

  • Little Flowers, Girls Club Ideas -  We participate in a local Little Flowers Catholic Girls club, I have included the activities and scrapbook pages for the saints I have presented.




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